Formerly Career And Personal Counseling Service

Guiding and nurturing ministerial candidates, church professionals, and individuals from a number of denominations through the process of career and life planning. 

Ministry Development and Vocational Services is based in Charlotte and is extending our assessment programs to the greater New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York areas in an effort to more conveniently share our services with our partners.   MDVS, formerly Career and Personal Counseling Services, is accredited by the Ministry Development Council.  We are a non-profit, celebrating over 60 years of serving high school students, candidates for ministry, church professionals and clergy as they discern their vocation in ministry. We partner with Presbyteries in the Mid-Atlantic region, the North and South Carolina Synods of the ELCA, MCC, UUA, Western North Carolina UMC, South Carolina UMC, Quaker, American Baptist Churches, UCC, Moravian and other denominations in carrying out our mission.  In extending our services to the greater NJ, NY and PA region, we have also increased our programs to include pastoral counseling and psychotherapy.  This includes individual therapy, couple therapy, pre-marital counseling, family therapy and group therapy.  Our services are available to all members of the community regardless of race, creed, or age.  As a pastoral counseling center, we are committed to taking seriously the religious or spiritual dimension of life and are equally careful to promote no particular religious persuasion or point of view.

Vocational Counseling


We provide vocational assessment and counseling to ministerial candidates and church professionals. This allows ministry professionals the ability to achieve greater success in life and their profession.

Our Services

From its inception, Ministry Development Services has concentrated its efforts in three distinct yet interrelated areas of service: supporting pastors, assessing candidates for ministry, and providing educational resources. Our core programs are designed to assist pastors and church leaders including lay leaders, missionaries and church planters throughout their calls to ministry. Services include assessment, career and retirement planning, personal and professional guidance, counseling and crisis intervention. Participants are encouraged to involve spouses and other family members whenever appropriate.

Assisting Ministry Professionals

Counseling & Coaching Support

We offer programs in congregational leadership, conflict resolution, setting boundaries and self care.  Our programs are designed to help ministry professionals lead balanced lives as they serve.

Ministerial Assessments

Ministerial / Inquirer Psychological Assessment Program

This program helps new candidate/inquirers in the areas of addressing their realism of their call to ministry by identifying their strengths and weaknesses.  MORE...