Formerly Career And Personal Counseling Service

Guiding and nurturing ministerial candidates, church professionals, and individuals from a number of denominations through the process of career and life planning. 


Missionary Candidates

This 2-day process evaluates the ability and skillset that is fundamental to effective cross-cultural communications and interactions.  We test emotional resilience, flexibility and openness, perceptual acuity and personal autonomy through our Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory.  We also use the MBTI and 

MMPI-2 and NEO which measure the stress/coping responses; identifies mental health issues, and measures five broad domains or dimensions of personality.  We do one report with three sections:  1) Focuses on the missionary, 2) Focuses on the spouse and 3) focuses on both the missionary and spouse.  The interviews are done in the same technique.  We interview the missionary alone, then the spouse alone and finally the missionary and spouse together.

All the materials should be completed by the missionary candidate. 
Analysis of Skills Survey
Preferences in the Pastor’s Role
Skills For Ministry Survey
Authorization for Release of Information For Billing
Personal Data Questionnaire
Exploration of Self
Health History
Registration For Individual
Test Instructions