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What Our Candidates Are Saying About Us...

"It is good that Ministry Development Services, the Methodist Church and Conference are helping the potential leaders in the church discern where they are being called to serve before they have committed years to their education.  The process is very intentional about helping each individual to fulfill their call.  It is helping me to understand where I fit into the bigger picture!  This is a very helpful program and it is very beneficial to all who participate!"


"The report received is thorough and very helpful.  It was a pleasure meeting the Counselor and fascinating to learn the results of the profiles and inventories taken. It is nice to get a 360 review from the evaluations sent in by colleagues, subordinates, and supervisor.  This was truly an easy and valuable process.  Thanks again."
- D. H.


"Not knowing what to expect from Ministry Development Services, I felt deeply blessed to have been treated with so much dignity and compassion. I was challenged, help accountable and cared for in a way which can only service as a blessing to my future ministry."

- T. R.


"One of the best, well rounded, and helpful programs I have experienced."

- R. R.


"Ministry Development Services was a great way to begin the discernment process toward connecting a call to a specific ministry."

- D. M.


"I strongly encourage anyone who is pursuing a career in a ministry field to participate in this process."

- J. L.

"MDS is an incredible resource that will help clergy understand more about who God has created  them to be.  Their staff is nurturing, patient and compassionate."
- J.G.


"Yo recomiendo este programa porque me clarificado mis potencialidades para el ministerio."
- J.P.


"The experience was both professional, holy and encouraging.  I would recommend it to anyone who feels God calling them to serve in a more formal Christian role.  It is very helpful for the discernment process."
- P.V.


"The staff was very helpful in getting the information to me as I had some technical issues early on. The staff was warm and very good in their positions to administer the tests. The directions were clear and concise. I enjoyed spending time with the counselor and they made it easy to open up and share. I would recommend your services to young and old."

- C. F.


"MDS helps one gain perspective on how to improve upon oneself and become a better professional and overall healthy person."

- M. D. 

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