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Why would a pastor or church worker come for an assessment?


Pastors typically come because of questions or concerns about their ministry. Sometimes pastors come when they are in a vocational or personal crisis. Pastors may also come as they approach major milestones and decision points in ministry. They may come at their own initiative or be referred by their judicatory or ministerium.


Why would a person entering ministry come for an assessment? 


Usually these people are referred to us as part of the normal way a denomination discerns a person’s fit for ministry and as part of their vocational formation. A number of seminaries refer their entering students as part of their personal and vocational formation. Sometimes people come to us at their own initiative, as part of their personal discernment process. 


What happens during an assessment? 


Most assessment processes include time for completing inventories to assist with your program and face-to face time with a counselor and/or psychologist. 


How much time will my assessment take? 

Assessments typically range anywhere from half a day to three full days, depending on the particular program and its goals. 


Are Services Confidential?


Yes.  Any information shared with outside parties, either verbally or in writing, is subject to your written consent.  How Do I Schedule an Appointment?  Please call our office at (704) 554-9900 Do I need to do anything to prepare for my assessment?  ​Yes! You will receive instructions that will direct you to pages on our Website. There, you will locate your specific category and the applicable materials that you need to complete and fax or email back to our office. You will also be asked to make an appointment to take additional inventories at our office.


What is the Cost?  How Do I Pay for Services? 


Fees vary depending upon the program needed, whether a report is required and whether or not your denomination is one of our supporting partners.  Call one of our offices to get specific information. A deposit is requested to hold your date.  The balance of the program fee is expected at the time of your visit.  Visa/MasterCard and check are accepted. 


Do you provide housing?


We do not provide housing, but we can refer you to local hotels with which we have arranged discounted rates. 


What Types of Candidate Assessments are Available? 


Candidate assessments are done in either an individual or a group format.  An individual assessment can be scheduled anytime during the month.  Group assessments are held once per month, with a maximum of six people per group. 


How is an Intensive Assessment  for Clergy different?


Most clergy programs are voluntary and initiated by the clergy because of their desire for more information about themselves.  An Intensive Assessment is initiated by a referring judicatory that needs specific questions answered about a clergyperson or staff member.  The referring judicatory is heavily involved in determining the focus of the counseling sessions based on the issues raised and is invited to be a part of the last afternoon’s discussion (in person or by phone) with the individual and counselor. 


When Can I Expect to Receive My Report from My Candidacy Assessment?  Typically, you will receive your report within 2 weeks after having seen your counselor.


Will You Come to Our Location for a Workshop?  ​


Yes, onsite programs can be arranged to meet the needs and schedule of the judicatory/clergy group/church.

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