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Clergy & Church Professional
Services for Ordained Clergy & Other Church Professionals



  • How am I doing in ministry right now?

  • Are there aspects of my ministry that I would like to improve?  Or stop? ​

  • Am I using all my gifts?

  • What is my leadership style?  

  • How is it working right for me and my ministry right now? ​

  • What am I looking for in the next 5-10 years?

  • How can I feel more satisfied in my ministry?

  • How am I managing boundaries within my ministry and outside of it?

  • How can I lead a balanced life in ministry? ​


If these questions have relevance for you, we can help you answer them.  We can help you:

  • Conduct a mid-career check-up to mindfully review your ministerial career and how you are experiencing it.

  • Assess God’s will in your ministry, for example, in staying at a current call or moving.


  1. Explore options for ministry outside the parish

  2. Plan for sabbatical or prepare for retirement

  3. Examine experiences of burn-out, emptiness, being overwhelmed, or burdened in your current call


Contacting Ministry Development Services

Step One: Make An Appointment. Schedule an appointment with MDS by calling us at 704-554-9222.


Step Two: Register.  After making an appointment, download, fill out, sign, and submit the Registration Form listed below.  When scheduling the appointment by phone, you will be given details about your fee, which you will need to know to register.  Return the registration form to us with any required deposit so that we receive it at least 14 days before your appointment.


Step Three: Fill Out and Return Forms.  You are now ready to complete preliminary forms and prepare for preliminary testing. The necessary forms are listed below. Each form appears as a Word Document and as a PDF. Word documents can be filled out by typing directly on them. PDF forms must be typed or filled out by hand, using a pen. Please be sure you complete each form fully and return them to MDS to be received at least 14 days prior to your appointment.


Step Four: Take Tests.  After your registration and deposit have been received, you will be  emailed details about the inventories you are to take and the location to use. You also will be provided with a pass code that you will need to bring with you to the testing location. The pass code is good for only one test administration.  Your results will be sent to our office and made available to you when we meet with you. All inventories must be completed at least 14 days prior to your appointment. Failure to complete them in a timely manner may result in cancellation of your appointment.


Step Five:  Arrive on Time. Please arrive on time for your appointment.  You may have one or more inventories to complete on-site prior to your meeting with the counselor. Email the completed documents to Please call (704) 554-9222 if you have question or have difficulty entering the site or downloading the forms.

The Documents


Authorization for Release of Information for Billing

Exploration of Self


Preferences in the Pastor’s Role 

Preferences in the Pastor's Role - MENTOR FORM

Personal Data Questionnaire for Clergy

Personal Data Questionnaire for Clergy Form D

Health History

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