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2-Day Mid-Career Discernment

There will come a time during ministry that clergy members will find themselves at a crossroads and point of transition.  At this time, they will need to devote their time and energy in developing their own personal growth and enrichment of their calling.  It is a time for discernment and reflection as they consider the changes in their life.  


A number of denominations provide first call companion support and training for ministers in their first five years of ministry.  This first call support allows ministers to review their experiences so they can be intentional about their own continued spiritual development and continuing education.  However, continued education, support and training are hard to find.  Ministry Development Services and their tenured team want to guide and nurture you through this process. They will develop a plan of care for managing the upcoming changes.  It is also strongly encouraged to follow up with coaching to help with support in navigating the change.



​Please complete all of the materials below.

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