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Pastoral Counseling & Psychotherapy for Individuals,

Couples, Families and Groups

We are an interfaith, non-profit ministry to provide pastoral counseling and psychotherapy. Our services are available to all members of the community regardless of race, creed, age or sexual orientation. 


We are committed to the religious or spiritual dimension of life and are equally careful not to promote any particular religious persuasion or point of view.

We also offer workshops to the community on various topics related to mental health & wholeness.


We are also able to do speaking engagements to groups.


Individual Therapy:

A therapist will meet with you on a regular basis to help you sort out your problems, gain insight into beliefs and behaviors which may be self-defeating, make changes, and find wider options for life fulfillment. 

Couple Therapy:

A therapist meets with the couple together or individually to identify and address your particular areas of distress. These may include communication problems, differences in family backgrounds and expectations of the relationship, deciding whether to stay together, old wounds that have never healed, or conflicts around sex, money and parenting. 

Pre-marital Counseling:

Before you embark on your new status, a therapist can enable you to affirm the qualities which attracted you to each other, understand your differences, and learn how to negotiate future difficulties. 

Family Therapy:

A therapist meets with various combinations of parents and children, and perhaps extended family, so that each person may hear and be heard by the other members. You will be coached to develop better ways of resolving problems, with the goal of living together in greater harmony, with a support system which respects each individual and the family as a whole. 

Group Therapy:

Small groups of five to ten persons meet weekly with a therapist to explore feelings and interactions, receive feedback from peers, and increase your competence and pleasure in interpersonal relationships.

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