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Ministry Candidates

Our Ministerial Assessment Program helps new candidate / inquirers in the areas of addressing their realism of their call to ministry by identifying their strengths and weaknesses.  It identifies how their skills, abilities and interests are beneficial for their calling.  Recommendations are offered for the purposes of support, awareness and growth. This helps cultivate a foundation for a healthy functioning ministry.

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Step One: Make an Appointment. Your first step is to schedule an appointment. Please call 704-554-9222 to schedule your appointment.


Step Two: Register. Once you have an appointment, please complete the registration form on this site and submit it with any required deposit within 14 days of scheduling. Your appointment is not secured until the deposit is received.


Step Three: Fill Out Forms. You are now ready to complete the preliminary forms and prepare for preliminary testing. Please download the forms that must be filled out and returned at least 14 days prior to your appointment. Because different programs require different materials, please make sure you select the series of forms appropriate for your program. See below to select the package for your program. If you are not sure which set of materials to complete, just give us a call and we will direct you. All forms appear in both PDF and Word format. You may type directly onto the Word materials; PDF forms must be downloaded and typed or filled in by hand. If you choose to complete the forms by hand, please write legibly and use a pen. ​


Step Four: Take Tests. After your registration and deposit have been received, you will be notified about the inventories that will be used in your program. We also will provide a pass code that you will need to use at the test site. The pass code is good for only one test administration. Your results will be sent to our office and made available to you at the time of your program. All inventories must be completed at least 14 days prior to your appointment. Failure to complete these inventories in a timely manner may result in cancellation of your program.


​Step Five: Arrive on Time. Please arrive on time for your appointment. You may have one or more inventories to complete on-site prior to your meeting with the counselor. Please call (704) 554-9222 if you have questions or difficulty entering the site or downloading the forms.




​There are eight groups listed below, covering various denominations. Please be sure to choose the group that represents your program and click on the button to view available documents. Make certain that you download and complete all the documents for your group. Email the completed documents to

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