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Intensive Assessment Program

Intensive Assessment is program offered for church judicatories needing to refer clergy who are in crisis, such as:

  • Alleged misconduct (i.e.: financial, ethical or sexual)

  • Personality and/or Behavioral changes (i.e.: extreme anger, depression, etc.)

  • Professional breakdown

  • Relationship difficulties and/or conflict


The goal of the program is to address critical areas of concern that the judicatory addressed in regards to the referred clergy. We will convey the pertinent findings that will help judicatories determine corrective measures, which could include: treatment options, rehabilitation, placement indicators, and/or outplacement.

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A referral from a judicatory, denominational official or committee is necessary to participate in this program. Please reference the Referral Instructions, outlined on our website at www.ministryDS.orgm which will include the forms needed to commence the referral. 

The Intensive Assessment program require a three day commitment and will include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Expanded sequence of psychological inventories 

  • Comprehensive Psychologies assessment 

  • Detailed report findings, recommendations and communication from the counselor 

  • The opportunity to encompass the pastor's spouse to participate and receive counseling


The referring judicatory will be furnished with the following:


A comprehensive evaluation report

  • Steps for intervention

  • Recommendations (which could include treatment)

  • Suggestions regarding viability of employment

  • Suggestions for the care of others affected by the crisis (*)

Communications to referring judicatory to answer pertinent questions


* Should there be a suggestion for follow up with others affected by the crises (i.e.: family members, congregation etc...), please call to arrange. This is an important step in order to create healthy relationships and environment.

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