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Ministry Programs

We offer a variety of counseling and assessment services for Clergy, Lay Leaders and those who are entering the ministry.  

Our Services Include:

​Ministerial Assessments

  • Candidate / Inquirer Psychological Assessment Program

  • Emphasizes the candidate’s strengths and vulnerabilities

  • Addresses and expands on  the candidate’s realism of their call to ministry

  • Identifies how the candidate’s skills, abilities and interests are beneficial for their calling

  • Recommendations are offered  for the purposes of support, awareness and growth

  • We cultivate a foundation for a healthy functioning  ministry

Clergy Assessments
Intensive Assessment Program

  • An Intensive Assessment Program is offered for church judicatories needing to refer clergy who are in crisis, such as:

    -    Alleged misconduct
    -    Personality and/or Behavioral changes
    -    Professional breakdown
    -   Relationship difficulties and/or conflict

The goal of this program is to focus on critical areas of concern addressed by the judicatory. Pertinent findings are conveyed to the judicatories to  determine any corrective measures, which could include: treatment options, rehabilitation, placement indicators, and/or outplacement.

Clergy / Church Professional Consulting and Workshops

  • Self-Care / Health and Wellness

  • Mid -Career / Retirement  

  • Professional Boundaries / Ethics

  • Managing Conflict  

  • Clergy in crisis

  • Colleague Support Groups

  • Coaching and Team Building

Congregational Care / Denominational Care:

  • Professional Consultation Programs

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Stephen Ministry Training

  • Safe Church Training

Church Staff

  • Personnel Issues

  • Staff Team Building

  • Staff Roles

  • Expectations

Church Leadership

  • Leadership Development

  • Communication Skills

  • Conflict Resolution

Lay Clients: (Adults/College/High School)

  • Adults who are seeking meaningful vocational guidance

  • Students exploring educational and vocational direction

This program will help identify personality strengths, preferences, occupational interests, skills and abilities. The evaluation takes into consideration the personal qualities, aspirations and values of the individual. It also compiles objective data from inventories utilized in the program.

Workshops/Programs/Educational Series:
Workshops are offered throughout the year. They can be custom created to fulfill a specific need. Please call or e-mail to arrange.

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